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Naqshbandi Silsila
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“So exalted is Allah when you reach the evening
and when you reach the morning.”

June 29, 2022


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About Us

In following Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra), we strive to establish faith in Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) in the hearts of our community and work to meet their various needs through our projects and initiatives.

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Believe in Allah, love His Messenger (peace be upon him) and serve His Creation.” – Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra)
We propagate the teachings and legacy of Hadhrat Sufi Abdullah Khan Sahib (ra) and believe in the creed of the AhluSunnah as outlined by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (ra).

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Our History

“Take lessons from history for your future”

Sayiduna Ali

Sufi orders are established through a transmission of spiritual blessings from a master to a seeker.

The seeker is trained to perfection and then instructed to perfect others. In this way orders are spread across the world the teachings of Islam are spread to the hearts of people.


Hadhrat Zinda Pir Sahib (ra)

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) was the Ghawth (Spiritual head of Awliya) of his time, a Sayyid Naqshbandi shaykh of an incredibly high rank.

Upon instruction from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), he settled in the valleys of Kohat called Ghamkol Sharif. Between 1952-1999, he sat in full reliance of Allah, worshipping Him and seeing to the needs of any of His Creation.

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) made Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) his most senior deputy (Khalifa) in 1946 and authorised him to continue the legacy of the Naqshbandi Khawajghaan in the UK since 1962.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra)

Hadhrat Sufi Abdullah Khan Sahib (ra) and his Silsila, Ghamkol Sharif UK are amongst the most famous names in the UK.

Muslims of the UK are indebted to him for his selfless service to Islam.

Since 1962, he mirrored his Shaykh, Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra), and in his love, he served Allah and His Creation.

Each day of his life was full of the remembrance of Allah, reciting the Quran, Sending Salawaat, giving charity, serving the needs to whoever came to him and always humble to the blessings he received from Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra).

to Sufism

Sufism is the essence of Islam. It is the spirit of the religion and therefore spiritual by nature.

In following the Quran and Sunnah, Sufis follow a teacher who is authorised by his teacher to guide them to a strong faith in Allah and a solid connection to His Beloved (peace be upon him).

Sufism purifies an individual, guides them to a holistic understanding of Islam and transmits the characteristics, qualities and virtues of an ideal Muslim.

Sufism is best understood through the Hadith of Jibril; the Hadith which summarises the entire religion. Click to open the Hadith

Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib’s (ra) entire life demonstrated the two things he always taught;

He initiated and oversaw many projects throughout his 52 years in the community. These Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK are established on the ethos of love, live and give.

LOVE: A firm faith with a selfless love, care and concern of Allah, His Messenger (peace be upon him) and His creation.

LIVE: A life of complete submission to Allah which always strives to love and honour His Messenger (peace be upon him) and a learning and application of the blessed Shari’ah.

GIVE: This is a fundamental element of Tasawuf. To give as one received. To humble oneself and strive in the service of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). To indiscriminately work in fulfilling the needs of the creation.


Connecting to the Beloved
(peace be upon him)

A unique and interactive Fard Ayn course which covers the essentials of Islam with a focus on applying the blessed Sunnah.

Seerah and Shama’il are a core part of the course and the intention is to develop a personal and lasting connection with the Beloved of Allah (peace be upon him).

Texts covered include Ascent to Felicity, Shamail Tirmidhi and Ihya Uloomud Deen.


1Food and Blood donations

These initiative were launched a few months after the passing of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and reflected his teachings. They are intended as a means of Sadqa Jaariya for his sacred soul.

2WMFS Safe and Well visits

Working with West Midlands Fire Service, we reach out to the community and encourage them to have WMFS visit their residence and carry out a fire and smoke risk assessment.