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Charity work

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and Sufi Javed Sahib (ra) established a culture of giving selflessly at the heart of Ghamkol Sharif UK.

Since 1962, some of the largest welfare charities and educational institutes have been supported and funded. These include the likes of the Madrassa of Moalana Abdul Sattar Khan Niyazi (ra), the Madrassa of Pir Sayyid Haseenud Deen Shah Sahib, Darul Uloom Pretoria (South Africa) and Jamia Nizamia Rizvia (Pakistan); both are the largest Islamic education boarding schools in their respective countries with over a hundred of students graduating each year.

Hadrat Sufi Sahib (ra) had an incredible tradition of always being the first to offer his personal money and time before inviting others to take part in these charitable causes.

He also sponsored many students, ulama and other volunteers in pursuing good works.

Alongside supporting many projects, we have led our own projects ensure that 100% of the donations we collected reach their rightful recipients.

Our own volunteers also go on the ground through their own expenditureto ensure each penny we collect goes to those it was collected for.

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Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib’s (ra) entire life demonstrated the two things he always taught;

He initiated and oversaw many projects throughout his 52 years in the community. These Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK are established on the ethos of love, live and give.

LOVE: A firm faith with a selfless love, care and concern of Allah, His Messenger (peace be upon him) and His creation.

LIVE: A life of complete submission to Allah which always strives to love and honour His Messenger (peace be upon him) and a learning and application of the blessed Shari’ah.

GIVE: This is a fundamental element of Tasawuf. To give as one received. To humble oneself and strive in the service of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). To indiscriminately work in fulfilling the needs of the creation.