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    Connecting to the Beloved
    (peace be upon him)

    A unique and interactive Fard Ayn course which covers the essentials of Islam with a focus on applying the blessed Sunnah.

    Seerah and Shama’il are a core part of the course and the intention is to develop a personal and lasting connection with the Beloved of Allah (peace be upon him).

    Texts covered include Ascent to Felicity, Shamail Tirmidhi and Ihya Uloomud Deen.


    1Food and Blood donations

    These initiative were launched a few months after the passing of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and reflected his teachings. They are intended as a means of Sadqa Jaariya for his sacred soul.

    2WMFS Safe and Well visits

    Working with West Midlands Fire Service, we reach out to the community and encourage them to have WMFS visit their residence and carry out a fire and smoke risk assessment.