Our History

“Take lessons from history for your future”

Sayiduna Ali

Sufi orders are established through a transmission of spiritual blessings from a master to a seeker.

The seeker is trained to perfection and then instructed to perfect others. In this way orders are spread across the world the teachings of Islam are spread to the hearts of people.


Our Spiritual Lineage (Shajrah)

While scholarly lineages outline how a student takes instruction from a teacher until reaching our Prophet (peace be upon him), spiritual lineages demonstrate how spiritual blessings and authority are passed down from the Beloved of Allah (peace be upon him).

Hadhrat Zinda Pir Sahib (ra)

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) was the Ghawth (Spiritual head of Awliya) of his time, a Sayyid Naqshbandi shaykh of an incredibly high rank.

Upon instruction from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), he settled in the valleys of Kohat called Ghamkol Sharif. Between 1952-1999, he sat in full reliance of Allah, worshipping Him and seeing to the needs of any of His Creation.

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) made Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) his most senior deputy (Khalifa) in 1946 and authorised him to continue the legacy of the Naqshbandi Khawajghaan in the UK since 1962.

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) returned to Allah on 21st March 1999, his Janaza was led by Hadhrat Sufi Sahib and his Spiritual seat was succeeded by his son, Hadhrat Pir Sayyid Baadsha Sahib.

The Maqaam and Urs of Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) attract hundreds of thousands of people each year to witness the Majesty of Allah that manifests there and to benefit from the spiritual blessings of this great Wali of Allah.

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra)

Hadhrat Sufi Abdullah Khan Sahib (ra) and his Silsila, Ghamkol Sharif UK are amongst the most famous names in the UK.

Muslims of the UK are indebted to him for his selfless service to Islam.

Since 1962, he mirrored his Shaykh, Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra), and in his love, he served Allah and His Creation.

Each day of his life was full of the remembrance of Allah, reciting the Quran, Sending Salawaat, giving charity, serving the needs to whoever came to him and always humble to the blessings he received from Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra).

for a further insight to his life:
1923- 15th March

Born in Bekri, Chakwal, Pakistan to incredibly pious parents.


After completing his elementary education, he joined the British Indian Army.


He was prisoned by the Germans and escaped captivity. During his time in captivity, he memorised 15Juz of the Holy Quran.


During a religious gathering in an Army barrack in Karachi, Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) met ZindaPir Sahib (ra).

Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) was very impressed by the naat Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) recited.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) took the spiritual oath of allegiance (Bay’ah) with Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra).


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) accompanied Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) with Khalifa Ghulam Mustafa Sahib (ra) on his first trip there.

The two Khulafa would often visit and stay with Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) as and when they were relieved from their army duties


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) came UK. He was sent by Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) to establish Ghamkol Sharif in the UK and serve the religious and spiritual needs of the fast-growing migrant community.

While working at a local foundry, Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) started daily Quran classes and gatherings of weekly dhikr, monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif and annual Mawlid and Urs from Durham Road, Sparkhill.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib began his annual Hajj trips. He would arrive a day early to prepare for and receive Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra).

Each year, Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) would lead the ‘langar’, cooking and serving food to the guests of Allah.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) began the first procession in commemoration of the Grand Mawlid. Each year, it began from Small Heath Park and ended at Birmingham Central Mosque.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) purchased 38 Warwick Road. He split his house into two portions.

The ground floor was made into Mosque Ghamkol Sharif and the upper floors were reserved for his family lodgings when they arrived later in 1979.

The daily classes, weekly Dhikr and monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif gatherings moved here. The Mawlid and Urs gatherings continued to be held at Birmingham Central Mosque.

38 Warwick Road has since been the base of Ghamkol Sharif UK.


Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) instructed Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) to serve the guests of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) during the last nights of Ramadhan.

Since then, Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) travelled for Umrah each year, served sahri and iftaar while performing I’tikaaf in Madinah Sharif.


 Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) purchased an un-used factory and 3 houses on Golden Hillock Road. The factory was converted to a Masjid and the houses were used for various community projects.

The weekly dhikr and monthly Ghiyarvi Sharif moved here and an excellent Madrassa was established.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) made a charitable trust (Darul Uloom Islamia Rizwia) and placed the properties of Golden Hillock Road under it.

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib also founded Ghamkol Sharif Manchester in this year.

This made the work of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) two-fold; all publicly funded work was through the charity while any Silsila work was exclusively through himself and any contribution by mureeds of Ghamkol Sharif UK.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) led the construction of the world famous Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif.

In following the Sunnah of both the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra), Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) was involved in the building of the Masjid.

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) instructed the teachers and students of the Madrassa to recite Quran each day during the construction.


The opening of Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif was led by Hadhrat Shah Ahmad Noorani at the invitation of Ghamkol Sharif UK.


This would be the last Hajj both Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) and Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra)


Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra) passed away.

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) travelled from the UK and led his funeral prayer and played a crucial role in the construction of his beautiful resting place.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib’s (ra) wife and the mother of Ghamkol Sharif UK passed away. She was a pillar of support for Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and treasure of support and love for countless migrant women.

This year also marked 50 years of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and Ghamkol Sharif UK on one occasion Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) sat in Dhikr in a single sitting of 25 hours!


This year’s Urs in Pakistan was the last attended by Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra). He had led the gatherings during the Urs of Ghamkol Sharif Pakistan every year.


Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) re-opened Ghamkol Sharif Education Centre after 2 years of refurbishment. Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) was incredibly passionate about education and always worked hard to establish setting that met contemporary needs.

This would be the last project of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra) and in hindsight, his first and last project was education and the propagation of Islam.


on February 12th Hadhrat Sufi Sahib passed away in his sleep. He had lived a life of Dhikr and Khidma and in the self-less love of Hadhrat ZindaPir Sahib (ra).

His Janaza prayer was led by his son, Hadhrat Sufi Javed Sahib (ra) and he was buried next to the Masjid.

An entire Quran was recited each day for the first 40 days and to this Dhikr and Quran is recited each day at his blessed Maqaam.

Many people visit the Maqaam to pay their respects, send the rewards of the Fatihah and ask Allah to accept their prayers by virtue of Hadhrat Sufi Sahib’s (ra) blessings.


Hadhrat Sufi Javed (ra) passed away after a short illness of cancer.

During his short leadership as head of Ghamkol Sharif UK, he re-established the Education Centre and reached out to many young Ulama, supporting them in the propagation of Islam.

His Janaza prayer was led by his son, Qibla Junaid Akhtar and he was buried next to Hadhrat Sufi Sahib (ra).

Qibla Junaid currently leads Ghamkol Sharif UK

Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib’s (ra) entire life demonstrated the two things he always taught;

He initiated and oversaw many projects throughout his 52 years in the community. These Khidma projects of Ghamkol Sharif UK are established on the ethos of love, live and give.

LOVE: A firm faith with a selfless love, care and concern of Allah, His Messenger (peace be upon him) and His creation.

LIVE: A life of complete submission to Allah which always strives to love and honour His Messenger (peace be upon him) and a learning and application of the blessed Shari’ah.

GIVE: This is a fundamental element of Tasawuf. To give as one received. To humble oneself and strive in the service of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). To indiscriminately work in fulfilling the needs of the creation.